Ingraham: ‘Show Me Hillary’s Genius’ When It Comes to Protecting America’s Security

‘Trump was right when he said she’s never created a single job in her life’

INGRAHAM: "Of course, Trump was right when he said she’s never created a single job in her life. She wouldn’t know the first thing about business, people who take risks and are operating in the changing landscape of interest rates and changing markets which Trump was operating in. But think about the word 'geniuses' and I think myself you were actually secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton, and was it genius to move to a reset of our relations with Russia and not even be able to get the translation of the button correct? Or was it genius to think that the Iran deal was actually going to lead to nuclear non- proliferation, or was it genius to have your staff hammer your  Blackberries and .... destroy computers? Was any of that genius? Show me Hillary's genius in protecting the security and the foreign policy influence of this country and I’ll listen to her on what is genius and what is not. She has no standing on business or enhancing our foreign policy stature across the globe because she hasn’t done it."

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