Forbes’ Randall Lane: Trump’s Not Even Worth Close to $10 Billion; He’s Worth $3.7 Billion

‘We’ve been tracking him since before anybody knew who he was’

LANE: "Neither is right. Trump says he’s worth more than 10 billion. He’s not even worth close to 10 billion. [crosstalk] But he's not worth 200 -- he’s worth $3.7 billion based on the findings we’ve been spending most of the last year. We’ve been given an audit. We have 35 years, we’ve been tracking Trump's wealth since the Forbes 400 started. So we have years and years, decades and decades, there’s no assets that are hiding that we don’t know about. We’ve been tracking him since before anybody knew who he was. He’s worth a lot less than he says. He's worth a lot less than last year. He’s down $800 million. But he is a billionaire. He's worth -- again we think 3.7"

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