Krauthammer: I Give the Trophy for Loserdom to Obama; ‘His U.N. Speech Was Really Disappointing’

‘It shows after two terms, he learned nothing and he forgot nothing’

BAIER: " Quickly, winners and losers. Charles?"
KRAUTHAMMER: "Winner, Vladimir Putin and bashar Assad. They commit an open overt out and out war crime. The bombing of convoys, bringing relief into aleppo. They get away with it and they are now cease-fire is over. They are now launching a final assault on the rebels in aleppo again scot-free. My loser would be John Kerry for negotiating this deal. But is he retiring the trophy for loserdom. I have to give it to somebody else. I give it to Barack Obama. His U.N. Speech was really disappointing. It shows after two terms, he learned nothing and he forgot nothing."

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