Tucker Carlson: Bill ‘Rooting Against Hillary Clinton More than Most Republicans I Know’

Doocy: ‘Maybe Bill Clinton doesn’t want his wife to be president of the United States’

DOOCY: "Wait, are you suggesting he wants to be the only Clinton president at that house?"
CARLSON: "I'm suggesting he's rooting against Hillary Clinton more than most Republicans I know."
EARHARDT: "Really?" [crosstalk]
DOOCY: "Bill Clinton doesn't want his wife?"
CARSON: "He said the other day, you know, she's not doing well in Appalachia. Kind of funny, I've won there twice. You know but just time's changed or maybe the candidates are different or something." (Laughter)
DOOCY: "Well you know, maybe --maybe Bill Clinton doesn't want his wife to be president of the United States. But the mainstream media loves her. She's their candidate."

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