Daily Caller’s Collins: Syrian Refugees Being Put into Neighborhoods in ‘Undemocratic’ Fashion

‘Why would jobs in Detroit go to Syrian refugees instead of unemployed American citizens who already live there’

COLLINS: "Well, they say that the screening process is safe, but, you know, they're off to the slow start at the beginning of the year and they have only admitted about 800 when there a third of the way to through the fiscal year and now we have surpassed the 10,000 mark with a month to go. And I think the biggest frustration for American people is the undemocratic nature how all of this is going down. You know, there were no votes, no voters were asked what they think about the Syrian refugees is moving into their neighborhoods, there were no votes in Congress. And it's just a small group of people telling people what they're going to get, and you know, hey, these are your new neighbors. And I think the undemocratic nature of it is what's the problem."

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