RNC Chair: ‘If You Had a Special Prosecutor’ Hillary Would Sink

‘I think those polls are going to narrow’

PRIEBUS: "Let me try to unwrap all of that real quick - number one, he is in Texas because he is raising money just like Hillary Clinton is in California raising money. She was in Cape Cod raising money, she was—you know, obviously you have to go at times to fund-raise in places like Dallas and Houston and—"
KELLY: "Got it."
PRIEBUS: "—Southern California and that's what they're doing. As far as the polling is concerned, there are also polls that showed that Donald Trump is ahead in Iowa, he is ahead in Nevada. Yeah, he has got to be consistent and I think they know that. i think that if he continues to be measured, continues to be prepared, consistent like he has been, he has had a great week, I think those polls are going to narrow and i do think that Donald Trump can do that and I do think that the polls are going to narrow. Now, back to the original part of this interview, if you had a special prosecutor and someone that was actually going to do their job and investigate whether or not there is corruption and do what you would expect our government to do in a situation like this, she is going to sink and with—with Donald Trump being more consistent and doing what he has been doing— [crosstalk]“

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