Lewandowski: Trump Reminding Voters that the GOP Is the Party of Lincoln Is a ‘Good Thing for the Country’

‘It’s a good thing’

LEWANDOWSKI: "You know what is amazing is the hypocrisy of these statements. Donald Trump is saying we want to include African-Americans as part of the GOP. The Democrats have failed you and taken advantage of you. And now he is being criticized for asking for their support when the criticism prior to that was he has done nothing to reach out to them.
 When the criticism — you know, Donald Trump yesterday spent some time in New York having a leadership meeting with his prominent Hispanics from across the country talking about what he can do as the next president to make sure that, you know, they have their interests represented. And we don’t see that. What we have is the hypocrisy of saying, we don’t like the way he’s doing it as opposed to saying, you know what? It’s about time. It’s a good thing. And growing and asking people to be part of the GOP, reminding them it’s the party of Lincoln, is a very good thing for the party and it’s a good thing for the country."

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