Mook: Voters Will See a ‘Stark Difference’ Between ‘Steady’ Hillary and Ill Tempered Trump in the Debates

‘I don’t know if he’s afraid to debate’

MOOK: "The dates are the dates, the debates are the debates. These rules and these dates were set a long time ago. We agreed to them immediately. Secretary Clinton looks forward to this debate. I think the voters are going to see a stark difference between steady leadership from Secretary Clinton, a depth of experience, and ill-temperament and poor judgment from Donald Trump, that’s what they’ve seen this entire campaign. We welcome these debates. Let’s just get on with it. Nobody’s ever argued over the rules. This is typical Donald Trump. I don’t know if he’s afraid to debate. I don’t know if he just wants to attention of causing controversy. But either way, they just need to get over it. Let’s have these debates, and let’s the American people make their judgment."

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