Trump Surrogate: Donald Trump ‘Respects and Loves Black People’

‘Mr. Trump is not afraid of anyone’

COSTELLO: "Well, and tana, critics might say I know Mr. Trump tried to reach out to African-American communities when he was in Milwaukee the other day. Many critics said, you know, he spoke in a predominantly white suburb. Why didn’t he go into a black community. So can you address critics?"
GOERTZ: "Well, here’s what I will say. Excuse me, no, Mr. Trump is not afraid of anyone and black people — Mr. Trump doesn’t see white, black, Hispanic. That is a narrative people are putting on him. I know him very well. I’m sure you don’t. What I will say is he is not afraid of black people, he respects and loves black people. He has a lot of interest. Here’s the difference, Donald Trump is getting up in front of thousands of people. Let’s just say an average rally could be 12,000 people." 

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