Joe Scarborough: Kasich ‘Explained with Dignity’ Why He Can’t Support Trump

‘You just can’t call somebody a con man in one sentence and support him in the next’

SCARABOROUGH: "Kasich did it just right, did it with dignity and explained why he couldn’t support Donald Trump. I don’t think a lot of people are going to hold that against John Kasich as we move forward. You just can’t call somebody a con man in one sentence and support him in the next, racist. Donald Trump is going away. Donald Trump, he’s had a good time. He’s enjoyed it. He’s going to be back in his rolls-royce, he’s going to be back on his jet and next year he’s going to be flying around from golf course to golf course to golf course living, as he said, a very good life. He’s going to be trying to get the U.S. Open at the golf course by the white stone bridge. He’s going to be fine. These guys that are calling him a racist today, mark Halperin, that are still supporting him, they are the ones that are going to be stuck with this after Donald Trump goes back to, as he calls it, his very, very good life." 

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