GOP Strategist: ‘Transparency Is Not Something the Clintons Like to Run On’

‘Transparency is not something the Clintons like to run on’

WELKER: "Do you get the sense this is a big issue for them?
REINHARD: "When you talk to voters at the rallies, those that are willing to be a little bit more critical of trump, and most voters at the rallies are very defensive because of, of course, the hostility that he has fostered for the media. But that’s not — you know, if you say, you know, is there one thing that trump could be doing better or differently, they might say, I wish he would tone it down or I wish he would not be personally insulting to, you know, gold star families. Maybe he shouldn’t have done that. But no one mentions the taxes." 
TODD: "Transparency is not something the Clintons like to run on."

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