Krauthammer: Clinton Foundation’s Access to State Department a ‘Form of Corruption’

‘Now, that is so obviously, it may not be illegal, you may not be able to prove a quid pro quo, but this sort of use of the Foundation and then working with the State Department’

Krauthammer: Clinton Foundation’s Access to State Department a ‘Form of Corruption’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

Columnist Charles Krauthammer tore apart the Clinton Foundation and the “form of corruption” it had with its access to the State Department on Thursday.

Krauthammer was asked by Sandra Smith if he thought that there would be an “October surprise” related to more emails being released related to the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

“Well, no one knows, but if it is, if it does happen, it won’t be a surprise because we’ve seen a small sample, a small number of emails that were not declared,” Krauthammer said. “We know that even within that small sample, there were at least two examples of self-dealing between the Clinton Foundation, which is a sort of a machine for siphoning money from rich, foreign, sometimes unsavory sources into an organization whose one purpose is to create a network self-funded for Clinton cronies and hangers-onners, the administration in waiting and that it was dealing getting favors for the people who are contributing to it from the State Department.

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