AP’s Matt Lee Grills State Dept. over Clinton Emails: ‘Am I Not Speaking English?’

‘The question is whether or not you have determined that there was nothing improper here’

‘Am I Not Speaking English?’: Reporters Confront State Dept Spox Over Clinton Foundation (Mediaite)

A newly released State Department email features Clinton Foundation-related requests, raising potential ethical issues about the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton‘s four years as Secretary of State. So that’s what a bunch of reporters confronted State spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau about yesterday.

Three separate reporters asked Trudeau about whether there was any improper relationship between State and the Clinton Foundation. Trudeau repeatedly downplayed the emails and said the department is “regularly in touch” with a wide range of people.

One reporter pointed out that Clinton had “made a pledge” not to involve herself with the foundation while she was Secretary of State. Trudeau shot back that the agreement did not preclude others from talking to foundation staff.

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