Sekulow on $400 Mil. Ransom: ‘Violation of Existing Policy Going Back to the ‘70s’

‘They should have been released up front’


SEKULOW: "They should have been released up front. It never should have been a quid pro quo for money. This directive specifically states that when dealing with this situation, U.S. Citizens, nationals as they call them, taken hostages, the U.S. Will not give a ransom. And that problem, of course, the administration is trying to spin around it, but that’s sure what it looks like, it looks like $400 million, as Charles krauthammer said, almost as if they were engaged in money laundering. They changed the money, fly it out on a private airplane, it happens to be at the time the hostages were released. I’m grateful that the hostages were released but this was a violation of existing policy going back to the ‘70s."

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