Scott Walker: ‘Frustrating’ that Trump Attacking Khan Family Instead of Clinton

‘I will never question a Gold Star family on anything’

Scott Walker: “Frustrating” That Trump Attacking Khan Family Instead Of Clinton (BuzzFeed)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said on Thursday that he is frustrated with Donald Trump for attacking the family of Humayun Khan instead of Hillary Clinton.

“Even though I don’t embrace or endorse everything Donald Trump has said, I certainly don’t embrace or endorse every way that he’s done it, I’ve differed with him on things,” Walker said on the Jay Weber Show on 1130 WISN Wisconsin radio. “I pointed out the other day when I showed the bracelet on my arm for a Gold Star family that I will never question a Gold Star family on anything. I just think they deserve our respect far beyond politics.”

He continued, “So I disagree here or there on things, but I just fundamentally—what’s frustrating to me is, I wish Donald Trump would just talk about Hillary Clinton and what he’s going to do to make everyday American’s lives better.”

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