Andrea Mitchell to Paul Nehlen: ‘I’ll Decide What I Want to Ask You’

Nehlen: ‘Why aren’t you asking me questions about the trade deal’

MITCHELL: "Why isn’t Donald Trump talking about them? Why is he going off on all the other tangents? Why isn’t he focused on the economic issues key to the rust belt and Wisconsin?"
NEHLEN: "I think he is focused on all these things. The media — this is why the American people hate government and they hate the media. It’s because we pick the — this one thing and we’ll continue to pick at it when, in fact, we should be talking about this. Why are you asking me questions about this? Why aren’t you asking me questions about the trade deal."
MITCHELL: "He kept it up for days and days. He was a candidate."
NEHLEN: "You should be asking —
MITCHELL: "I’ll decide what I want to ask you. What about the fact that Mike pence has endorsed Paul Ryan?"

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