Obeidallah: ‘Only Two People Going After the Gold Star Family, Donald Trump and ISIS’

‘If Donald Trump wants to attack a Muslim, attack me, don’t attack this gold star family’

OBEIDALLAH: "Donald Trump has said thousands of Muslims cheered after 9/11 in New Jersey. Absolutely not true. He says Islam hates us. He says Muslims were hiding the enemy within us. We're not going forward. Which has been actually completely wrong. People know this is actually wrong. But, still, Donald Trump has come after our community. So he's going after the gold star family. There's only two people going after the gold star family, Donald Trump and ISIS. ISIS put out a statement mocking the Khan family. If Donald Trump wants to attack a Muslim, attack me. Don't attack this gold star family who their family suffered. Captain Khan more courageous in one day than Donald Trump will ever be his entire life because Donald Trump had a chance to serve in Vietnam and said he had a medical deferment, which is fine."

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