FLASHBACK - Zandi in March: Over Next Few Months, Expect 'Pretty Big' Jobs Numbers

The chief economist of Moody's predicts 'snap-back' after poor numbers which he blamed on the weather

LIESMAN: "Now Mark, if you're right about it being weather, then you would think there would be some kind of snap back here. So let's talk about what you think the next couple months would look like if there is indeed some kind of snapback. What kind of numbers would you be looking for to prove this is weather and what kind of snapback would there be?"
ZANDI: "So Steve I think the underlining trend in, say, job growth is probably close to 200,000 per month. So abstracting from the vagaries of the weather, the ups and downs in the data, we should be getting around 200K, and we should get some snapback, as you say, because of the -- just the reversal of what we've been going through. So, I would expect some numbers that in the 250 thousand range as we move into April, May, June. So I expect some pretty big numbers."

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