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Christie Answers Questions on Role of Former Aides in Bridge-Gate Scandal
'If someone’s not gonna tell you the truth, they’re not gonna tell you the truth. What are you gonna do? Grab them by the ankles and shake them upside down?'

Gov. Chris Christie Decries Media ‘Hysteria’ over BridgeGate (Mediaite)

The BridgeGate scandal is not the big national story it used to be, but there are still ongoing investigations in New Jersey, and tonight Chris Christie swiped at the media “hysteria” over what he supposedly knew and didn’t know at the time.Rachel Maddow aired video of Christie’s remarks on her show, showing the governor responding to questions about why he didn’t question two of the officials, one of them a member of Christie’s office, about what they knew.

Christie said he’s not going to “give in to the hysteria of questions that are given by folks who have information today that I didn’t have at the time.” He fielded questions on why he didn’t interrogateBill Baroni, former Port Authority executive, and Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, and said questioning wouldn’t have gotten him that far anyway.

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