Schiff: Last Thing We Want Is Have a Divisive Fight that Helps Trump Become President

‘For all of the issues that Sanders supporters as well as Clinton supporter care about we need to come together’


SCHIFF: "If I suggest or others are trying to push him out, he will push back. That's a decision he ultimately have to make. We all want to see the same thing, we broadly hold the same policy priorities and last thing we want is a divisive fight that helps Donald Trump become president of the United States. I know that Secretary Clinton after Tuesday will make her best outreach to Senator Sanders. I hope that's reciprocated. I hope they can join forces to make an effort that a Democrat is in the white house. It would be a disaster in terms of income inequality, raise wages in America, campaign spending. If we have someone like Donald Trump in the White House. For all the issues that the Sanders' supporters as well as Clinton supporters care about, we need to come together in this party and I hope that begins Wednesday."

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