Mediate's Concha Cites Opinions of Nieces, Nephews in Praising Facebook's $19b App Buy

'That's a nice little revenue stream that we're talking about here'

BURNETT: "All right, so Joe, do you buy into this? I mean, I get it, apps are popular. But $19 billion dollars? I mean --"
CONCHA: "It's not the $19 billion I'm looking at. It's the 450 million users that they have. They're signing up 1 million people per day. I mean, think about that. We have 320 million people living in the entire country and let's face it, they have 130 million more. And I think the challenge, and Brett mentioned it before, is that -- I talked to some experts here, experts being my nephews and nieces, on my way over here -- It's funny because they don't use Facebook anymore. Why? -- Because geriatrics like us are on there and it's simply not cool."
BURNETT: "They don't want to be where we are, right. So is this something where you can -- I'm not just texting you or having a little conversation with the two of you. I can text on this thing -- or whatever the right word is, I can, you know, my-app it, WhatsApp it, anyway -- with a whole group of people"

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