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Ukrainian Community in Chicago Reacts to Growing Turmoil Overseas
'This is a unification of the people to overthrow a corrupt government, and instead, we'd like a true democracy'

TOBIN: "All right. I want to introduce you as well to Alla Dziuma. You have seen that the bloodshed has increased dramatically since this talk of a cease-fire compromise has fallen apart. Were you ever optimistic that a compromise was possible?”

DZIUMA: “Absolutely not. There is no compromising with Yanukovych because this is not a civil war between East and West. This is a unification of the people to overthrow a corrupt government and instead we would like a true democracy.”

TOBIN: “And so in your opinion, as long as Yanukovych is in power, there's no solution, no compromise?”

DZIUMA: “Absolutely not.”

TOBIN: “And we have seen a lot of demonstrations springing up around Chicago of Ukrainian nationals with a couple of clear messages. One, that Ukraine can't solve this problem on its own and the help that they want from the United States is sanctions, biting sanctions that will put pressure on the Yanukovych government. John?"

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