California: State Exchange Struggling to Enroll Uninsured Latinos in ObamaCare

'I have to explain what a premium is, what a deductible is ... detail by detail, because it's completely new to them'

CBS: California Struggling to Enroll Latinos in Obamacare (Washington Free Beacon)

The Obamacare enrollment initiative Covered California is struggling to enroll Latinos, Ben Tracy of CBS News reports.

Half of the uninsured in California are Latinos, yet they account for just 21 percent of the signups thus far. Covered California employee Angelina Marquez said explaining the innate details of health insurance and the Obamacare enrollment process to prospective insurance shoppers have complicated her organization’s efforts.

Director of Covered California Terry Lee also conceded the initial rendition of their Spanish website was not translated correctly. Conjointly, Covered California also failed to provide enough counselors to aid hispanics who experienced issues with the website.

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