Meyers on Trump Gun Control Hypocrisy: The Center Where Trump Spoke to NRA Was a Gun-Free Zone

‘Even the convention center where Trump was speaking to the NRA was itself a gun-free zone on Friday’

MEYERS: "The rest of Trump's speech was his usual rambling. But he offered at least two specific gun-related proposals -- eliminate gun-free zones and reverse President Obama's executive order expanding background checks. Let's take those one by one. Trump wants to end gun-free zones, but as ABC News reported last week, at many of his own properties, including Mar-a-Lago, Trump International Golf Club, Trump National and Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. Guests are not allowed to carry guns. But you are allowed to brandish a finger and make totally real gun sounds like 'beak and shing, and bleep-blorp, bazinga.' And it's not just Trump's properties. The Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July will also be a gun-free zone. In fact, even the convention center where Trump was speaking to the NRA was itself a gun-free zone on Friday. And what about Trump's opposition to expanded the background checks? Well again, that's a little tough to take from someone whose own campaign informed aspiring volunteers that they would have to pass background checks if they wanted to serve in the Trump Tower call center in Manhattan. Although I assume a Trump background check is just a questionnaire asking you your gender and how hot you are on a scale of one to ten. 'This is the call center. Not a sausage fest.' Ultimately, any progress on this issue will have to involve the many responsible gun owners in this country. The ones Wayne LaPierre doesn't represent. This has been 'A Closer Look.'"

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