Samantha Bee: Evangelicals Think ‘Black People Are Icky’

‘Leaders knew a national movement required a broader rallying cry than ‘black people are icky’

Samantha Bee: Evangelicals Think ‘Black People Are Icky’ (NewsBusters)

In one of her most hateful and vulgarity laced monologs yet, Samantha Bee unleashed on evangelicals claiming their roots and current political motivations are bigoted. “It wasn't abortion that birthed the religious right,” the host proudly proclaimed during Monday night's episode of Full Frontal, “it was good old white nativism and antigovernment anger when the IRS challenged evangelicals’ god given right to go to school without black people.”

Bee was referencing a case where Bob Jones University, a private school, refused to desegregate. “The controversy centered on Bob Jones University the Christian college whose founder preached, “if you are against segregation and racial separation then you are against god,” Bee stated. According to Bee, somehow the actions of Bob Jones University represented the thoughts of all on the religious right. Although, she claims to not be referring to all people of faith, it just seems to be the politically active ones.

The resentment flowing from Bee continued by claiming that evangelicals were manipulated into hating abortion. “But leaders knew a national movement required a broader rallying cry than “black people are icky,” she said of the “leaders” of evangelicals, “they launched the campaign to convince Protestants to hate abortion more than they hated Catholics.”

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