Colbert: Trump Attack Using Bill’s Marital Affairs Is Like ‘The Pot Calling the Kettle Black’

‘Donald Trump has been married three times — ‘

COLBERT: "We are going to need that positive energy going forward because the election is getting nastier day by day. Donald Trump is now accusing Hillary Clinton of enabling Bill Clinton's affairs. That's what he said this weekend, which Trump frowns on because he was able to accomplish all of his affairs on his own, did it himself. By his own bootstraps. I believe all he was wearing at the time was his boots. Trump even said that Hillary was nasty and mean to the women who slept with her husband. Trump's wives did not treat his mistresses like that at all. They had the courtesy to let him marry them. 'Tag, you're it! He's all yours!' I think personally that it is ridiculous to blame a wife for her husband's affairs. You agree? Do you agree? It's ridiculous. We all know when there's this kind of trouble in a marriage, it's the kid's fault. 'If you were better, if you were better, mommy and daddy would love each other. I don't know what it is. Didn't clean your room or something like that. Don't know what it is. Fix it.' Here's the thing, Donald Trump has been married three times. Attacking Hillary Clinton for having marital problems is like the pot calling the kettle black, or in Trump's case, calling the kettles 'The Blacks.' By the way, the kettles love him."

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