RCP’s Tom Bevan: Indiana Primary Could Be Do-or-Die for Ted Cruz

‘We’ve got six polls favoring Trump, one poll favoring Cruz’


KILMEADE: "Tomorrow, votes are cast in Indiana, a state that's been called the do or die state for Ted Cruz. Polls show him 16 points ahead of Donald Trump, 39 to 44 is the latest. That's a stark contrast to nearly every other Indiana poll. This one we showed you this morning has Trump ahead by 15 points. What do you believe? Is Trump killing it or Cruz killing it? Tom, what do you make of the disparity?"
BEVAN: "Look, Brian, every time you have a chance of getting a poll that's an outliar. That's why you can't look at one poll you have to look at the whole picture. We've got five polls in Indiana, they show Trump leading 2 to 9%. On average he's up by 4%. You look at that. Six polls favoring Trump and one poll favoring Cruz. Could they all be wrong? Sure.  I think it’s far more likely that says Cruz is up big is probably the outliar.”

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