Media: Everything Bad Is the Fault of Climate Change (Grabien Exclusive)

No matter what the event, large or small, hot or cold, the mainstream media points to global warming

Media watchers by now are well familiar with the habit of reporters and news anchors wondering if climate-change might explain whatever weather event is currently underway. Thursday's snowstorm was certainly no different.

A CNN panel featuring Athena Jones, Van Jones, and Chris Cuomo all laid blame on climate change. 

ATHENA JONES: "-- And other storms like super-storm Sandy; floods, droughts. We expect there to be a lot of focus on climate change."
VAN JONES: "Global warming deniers say, 'look, there's snow. In the winter. Nothing to worry about.' This -- Well, we've got the biggest state in the Union becoming a desert right in front of our eyes. Now --"
CUOMO: "You go outside and there's tons of snow and it's really cold it makes you think that global warming is a hoax. I understand that that's naive, but why is it naive? ... It's not just about global warming. In one way it's about extremes. You've got a big drought out there, big snow here."

But it's not just the weather that's blamed on climate change. Grabien staff dug into the archives and discovered climate change is blamed for just about everything. Check out our latest exclusive montage.

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