Cruz: Trump Read His Foreign Policy But There Was ‘No Indication’ He Knew Anything in It

‘Donald’s view on foreign policy are dangerously naive’

CRUZ: By all appearances it was written by Washington lobbyists which shouldn't be surprising because Donald Trump's campaign is run by Washington lobbyists. His lobbyist campaign manager has lobbied for some of the worst dictators and torturers in the world. Yanukovych, a corrupt dictator was Donald Trump campaign manager's client for many, many years. Indeed, Donald Trump's lobbyist campaign manager was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Saudis to lobby against Israel and against moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. And if you look at this foreign policy speech, it is a woefully naive speech. Now, Donald was reading it. There's no indication that he knows anything that was in it. He did talk to us helpfully about the country of Tanzania which I will be curious to hear him explain to me what exactly Tanzania is. That's not a country with which I'm familiar with."

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