Cruz on Boehner: If You Like What He’s Done, ‘Donald Trump Is Your Guy’

‘John Boehner in his remarks described Donald Trump as his texting and golfing buddy’

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Ted Cruz, responding to John Boehner calling him "Lucifer in the flesh" during Stanford University talk last night, said the former speaker is doing the bidding of Donald Trump.

Trump, Cruz noted, donated $100,000 to John Boehner's super PAC. And Boehner himself referred to Trump as his "texting buddy." 

If you like what John Boehner's done, Cruz said, "Donald Trump is your guy."

CRUZ: "John Boehner had some interesting comments last night. He actually didn't abbreviate what he said. He was a little bit more --"
REPORTER: "I paraphrased."
CRUZ: "Expressive. He allowed his inner trump to come out. I will say this, if you're wondering who actually has stood up to Washington, I think John Boehner has made it crystal clear. John Boehner in his remarks described Donald Trump as his texting and golfing buddy. So if you want someone that's a texting and golfing buddy, if you're happy with John Boehner, speaker of the house, and you want a president like John Boehner, Donald Trump is your man. And by the way, Donald Trump gave John Boehner's super pac $100,000 just a few years ago. Donald Trump has been funding John Boehner, and he's also been funding Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. If you like what John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done, John Boehner is your guy."

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