Kasich Supporter Charlie Dent: ‘I Want John Kasich to Win Indiana’

‘I think they just simply agreed to extend their resources in different directions’

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Does John Kasich's non-agression pact with Ted Cruz not apply to surrogates? Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) today appeared on CNN and actively encouraged Indiana Republicans to vote for John Kasich -- violating the ostensible terms of the deal.

BERMAN: "Congressman, do you want Ted Cruz to win Indiana?"
DENT: "What? I want John Kasich to win Indiana. I don't want Ted Cruz to win. I believe very firmly that John Kasich is the only electable candidate in the Republican field. The only one who can beat Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz recently several weeks ago called on John Kasich to drop out of the race. Had John Kasich dropped out of the race as Ted Cruz wanted, had he done that, Donald Trump would have sealed this nomination some time ago. That's a fact. And now at least it's good to know Ted Cruz has acknowledged that fact that he needs John Kasich in this race to snake to an open convention."
BOLDUAN: "How does this act of politics work? How does this work out for either of these candidates? The one you support. Especially if if they make a deal but then he's still saying vote for me. How does that work?"
DENT: "I thought the agreement was simply this. That John Kasich was going to two states, New Mexico and Oregon and Ted Cruz spending his resources in Indiana and stay out of each other's way. I wasn't part of the agreement but I don't think it's telling their voters to vote for one candidate or the other. I think they just simply agreed to extend their resources in different directions."
BOLDUAN: "You think voters in Indiana should vote for John Kasich."
DENT: "I didn't hear you, I'm sorry?"
BOLDUAN: "You still think voters in Indiana should vote for John Kasich."
DENT: "Yes, I do. I think they should. If people are going to vote for the candidate they believe in, and a lot of people in Indiana who greatly admire governor Kasich in the state right next door and they're going to vote for John Kasich. I would encourage people to. We're going to have a big primary in Pennsylvania tomorrow. You know, right now, it's Donald Trump's up a little bit over John Kasich. 36, 26, 24. We have a big race in Pennsylvania and big resources to get our vote out to help Governor Kasich."

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