Kimmel Interviews 'Superman' Who Directed Police to Criminal Breaking Into Police Car

'You're out of the Justice League, Superman'

KIMMEL: "Where were you when this happened Superman?"
SUPERMAN: "I was on the same side of the street."
KIMMEL: "At any point, did you consider to step in and apprehend the criminal?"
SUPERMAN: "I thought about it, but then I thought the stick he had banging on the car might be made of Kryptonite."
KIMMEL: "Superman, did you think it was your sworn duty to intervene in a situation like this?"
SUPERMAN: "I did direct the police to the perpetrator."
KIMMEL: "The movies would be terrible if Superman just directed the police. How many children saw Superman stand there and watch a crime occur today."
SUPERMAN: "Quite a few."
KIMMEL: " Sorry Superman. We may need to take your cape away. You are out of the Justice League.  I'm sorry."

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