CNBC Host: Al Gore a 'Charlatan' and a 'Villain'

Joe Kernen is aghast when co-host suggests naming Gore to CNBC's list of 'Top Leaders, Icons, and Rebels'

CNBC Host: Al Gore a 'Charlatan' and a 'Villain' (NewsBusters)

Most of the media may be convinced by Al Gore-style climate alarmism, but CNBC’s Joe Kernen isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Joe Kernen, co-host of  “Squawk Box” called the inclusion of Former Vice President Al Gore on CNBC’s list of “Top Leaders, Icons and Rebels” both “stupid” and “ludicrous.” His Feb. 11, comments came after fellow co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin suggested that CNBC ought to include Gore on their “First 25” list for his contribution to global warming awareness.

Kernen went even further, suggesting that Gore would be included only if the list allowed for “charlatans and villains on there” and “as long as we put Ken Lay and some of the others. “

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