Clinton Repeatedly Ducks on Whether She Will Release Her Wall St. Speech Transcripts

‘Secretary Clinton, the question was about the transcripts of the speeches to Goldman Sachs — why not release them?’

BASH: Secretary Clinton, the question was about the transcripts of the speeches to Goldman Sachs. Why not release them?
CLINTON: I have said, look — there are certain expectations when you run for president. This is a new one, and I’ve said, if everybody agrees to do it, because there are speeches for money on the other side. I know that. I will tell you this — there is a long-standing expectation that everybody running release their tax returns, and you can go — you can go to my website and see eight years of tax returns, and I’ve released 30 years of tax returns, and I think every candidate, including senator Sanders and Donald Trump, should do the same.
BASH: Secretary Clinton, we’re going to get to the tax returns later, but just to put a button on this. You’re running now for the democratic nomination. Its your opponent and many democratic voters who want to see those transcripts. It’s not about the Republicans at this point.
CLINTON: You know, let’s set the same standard for everybody. When everybody does it, okay, I will do it, but let’s set and expect the same standard on tax returns. Everybody does it, and then we move forward.

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