Boehner: Debt Ceiling Will Be Raised, but It's a 'Lost Opportunity for America'

The House Speaker says Obama wants to do nothing about the deficit

Boehner to Bring Debt Ceiling to Vote Without Policy Attachments (The New York Times)

Facing a rebellion over his latest debt ceiling proposal, Speaker John A. Boehner on Tuesday told House Republicans that he would bring legislation to a vote that would raise the government’s borrowing authority with no strings attached.

“You all know that our members are not crazy about voting to increase the debt ceiling,” Mr. Boehner said, explaining that his conference was frustrated with President Obama’s refusal to negotiate over a debt ceiling increase. “And so the fact is we’ll let the Democrats put the votes up. We’ll put a minimum number of votes up to get it passed.”

Mr. Boehner said the House would vote on Wednesday, but because of approaching snowstorms, House Republicans moved up the vote to Tuesday night, to ensure that all members could get out of town before flights were canceled.

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