California: People Enrolled in ObamaCare Facing Limited Options

Many doctors will not accept the insurance plans people have purchased

Californians Enrolled In Obamacare Are Facing Limited Options (Washington Free Beacon)

Since Covered California shut down the doctor search portion of its website, prompted by a report by KPIX-CA, many patients who chose insurers based on that search tool have learned that a large number of doctors will not accept the insurance plans they have purchased. Doctors were also shocked at this news.

Many doctors discovered that they were listed as “in-network” on the Covered California website, though they are not accepting patients with those CoveredCalifornia policies.

Dr. Marie President, an Internist affected by the website problem, explained to KPIX-CA: “We found that we were already signed up and we were astonished because we hadn’t signed anything yet. We can’t [accept them], we’ll be out of business.”

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