Trump Spox: Delegate System in Colorado ‘Just Like a Pyramid Scheme’

‘The idea is not to support Ted Cruz, it’s to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination’

Trump Spox: 'Anti-Donald Trump Movement' Behind 'Rigged' Nomination Process (Fox News Insider)

After a series of defeats to rival Ted Cruz - including a shutout in Colorado most recently does Donald Trump plan to make any changes to his campaign strategy?

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson told Martha MacCallum on "America's Newsroom" that the problem isn't the GOP front-runner's strategy, but the election process that the Republican Party establishment has put in place.

"It is not about time, it is not about who was on the ground for the longest. It is about the selection process of the delegate system being rigged by the party," Pierson said, comparing Colorado's voting process to a "pyramid scheme."

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