Trump Spox: Trump’s ’Been the Clearest’ on Foreign Policy; Cruz ‘Confused Everybody’

‘Donald Trump has been talking about foreign policy every single day; I’m not sure what address specifically you’re looking for’

BLACKWELL: "Okay. So when will we hear Donald Trump’s view on foreign policy? I’ve candidate who has been in the race has given a foreign policy address, a speech speaking specifically about their views on foreign policy. When will we hear that from Donald Trump?"
MILLER: "Of course on Monday night you’ll hear a speech at AIPAC detailing his Middle East policy. We’re all looking forward to that. He’s been clear about his foreign policy doctrine throughout this campaign. It’s Ted Cruz who I think has confused everybody, because it’s not clear where Ted Cruz wants to go to war and why. Ted Cruz said he wanted to push Russia out of Syria. How is he going to do that? Are we going to get into a military conflict with Russia? Are we going to shoot down Russian airplanes? Will we enforce a no-fly zone? It’s that kind of thinking that’s got the U.S. Trapped into these foreign conflicts and weakening our standing in the world.
BLACKWELL: "Do we have the sound bite about ISIS and Russia? Okay, we don’t have that."
MILLER: "I’m happy to talk about ISIS and Russia."
BLACKWELL: "Let me put to you what Donald Trump said over a period of time. Back in September Donald Trump said that he has good instinct on ISIS and what should be done there. He then suggested that Russia should take them out, that it shouldn’t be the u.s.’s fight. He said that he knows more than the generals, and then recently said that he would listen to the generals and probably put in 20 to 30,000 troops. So he’s been on several sides of this issue. Should he not come out as other candidates have and give a foreign policy address and just articulate his views on American foreign policy?"
MILLER: "Donald Trump has been talking about foreign policy every single day. I’m not sure what address specifically you’re looking for. But it’s Mr. Trump and only Mr. Trump who has been clear, in changing America’s foreign policy from one of nation building and trying to plant democracies in the Middle East to a national interest foreign policy that focuses on shared goals with our allies in the Middle East and across the world. And Mr. Trump, again, has been clear that unlike the other candidates, he’s not willing to start a hot conflict with Russia over Syria, which would be crazy. I just find it amazing that there’s actually people running for president who think it’s a good idea to try and push Russia out of Syria at the possibility of starting a war with Russia. That is extremely dangerous. It’s irresponsible. And the American people, Republican, Democrat, independent, are going to embrace a more responsible foreign policy with a military second to none but no more wars that we can’t get out of."
BLACKWELL: "Stephen Miller, foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, thanks so much for being with us."

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