Sen. Amy Klobuchar Ducks Question on Why Dems Are Supporting Trump

‘It’s not an answer as to why Democrats are supporting Trump right now’

KLOBUCHAR: “ your job and have the hearing.” 
BRZEZINSKI: “Why do you think Democrats, a significant enough number to note, are supporting Trump?” 
KLOBUCHAR: “Well, I think first of all, we have not gotten to that general election. On both sides we have had very highly contested primaries with arguments on various issues and you always want — the reason we have those primaries is so that parties have candidates, but the reason you have time for debates and you have conventions is for people to really see each nominated candidate make their case. That’s how American politics has worked.” [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah, that’s not —“
KLOBUCHAR: “And we haven’t gotten to that point, Mika, so —“ 
BRZEZINSKI: “— really an answer.”
KLOBUCHAR: “— no, I think it is an answer. Because, once as —“ 
BRZEZINSKI: “But it’s not an answer as to why Democrats are supporting Trump right now.” 
DEUTSCH: “Mika — (Laughter) [crosstalk] Mika, can we just — first of all —“ 
KLOBUCHAR: “Could I answer the —“ 
BRZEZINSKI: “All right, I’d love it.”
KLOBUCHAR: “Could I even answer the question?” 
KLOBUCHAR: “OK. So, I think we all know that there is a lot of anger out there and there are people that right now haven’t been able to figure out what to do on the Democratic side and I think once — if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, once she’s able to make that case, I think you’re going to see significant shift when our party has one candidate to run against. We have had, what, 10, 15 and that is much harder to make the case for Democrats about what the other side stands for. Once we’re able to do that, I think that you will see that support shifting back.”
BRZEZINSKI: “All right. Senator Amy Klobuchar, thank you very much.”
KLOBUCHAR: “Thank you.”

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