Garrett: ‘For the First Time Trump Is Running Like a Cautious Incumbent’

‘John Kasich remains focused on staying relevant through July’s convention’


O’DONNELL: “Donald Trump says things could get ugly if Republican leaders try to block him from the presidential nomination. He said, quote, ‘I think you would have riots if a contested convention chose another candidate.’ Trump said he would not part in a scheduled debate before Tuesday’s Utah primary. FOX News cancelled the debate when John Kasich said he would not show up without Trump. Major Garrett is in Washington with the changing shape of this Republican campaign. Good morning.”
GARRETT: “Good morning. For the first time, Donald Trump is running like a cautious incumbent with a lead to protect, avoiding fights and friction that could prove costly. John Kasich remains focused on staying relevant through July’s convention.”
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CRUZ: “Donald, apparently, is ducking. He’s afraid of being challenged.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Ted Cruz shut out in Tuesday’s primaries played the part of scrappy challenger trying to draw the front-runner into the ring.”
CRUZ: “He is scared to debate. And, you know, he just — he looks down on the voters. He thinks they are gullible and will believe whatever he is saying.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “As for Donald Trump’s pursuit for the nomination obstacles exist. Six of the states remaining are winner has all primaries totals 217 delegates. Even if Trump wins every one, he would still need nearly 40 percent of the rest of the delegates to secure the nomination.”
KASICH: “I don’t think anybody is going to have enough delegates.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “John Kasich trails Trump and Cruz by hundreds of delegates but denied he is just a spoiler.”
KASICH: “Neither of those guys can win a general election. Maybe they are spoiling it for the Republican Party and for the conservative movement.
GARRETT (voice-over): “Trump warned Wednesday the future of the conservative movement and the GOP was in danger as he arrived at the party convention with the most delegates but lost the nomination.”
TRUMP: “I think you’d have riots. You know, I’m representing a tremendous, many, many, millions of people. I think bad things would happen. I really do. I believe that. I wouldn’t lead it but I think bad things would happen.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Cruz said Trump was threatening the national party.”
CRUZ: “No one should be surprised that Donald Trump is trying to stir up riots.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Trump defended his tone.”
TRUMP: “We are doing pretty well the way it is and I would say that I always like to be a gentleman.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Promising he would try to rise above the vocal opposition to his candidacy.”
TRUMP: “I’m not going to be provoked but, at the same time, you have to take tough action when this happens but you can’t let them get away with it.”
[clip ends]
GARRETT: “Federal misdemeanor charges were charges against the man who rushed the stage at Trump’s rally outside of Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday. The secret service leaves such pros prosecutions to local authorities but it was brought to curtail future altercations.”

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