Bob Schieffer Predicts Paul Ryan ‘Will Wind up’ as GOP Nominee

‘If you had Paul Ryan as the nominee, he would put John Kasich on the ticket’


KING: “But, let’s talk about John Kasich. He wins in his home state of Ohio which was close for him. He is considered the GOP establishment. What does that say when he has only won one race and barely in his home state?”
SCHIEFFER: “Well, all that makes it a possibility is all that says is that they can block Trump getting the majority of delegates before they get to the convention. If they get to the convention, it doesn’t make any difference who has how many delegates. If Trump doesn’t get it on the first ballot, then anything could happen. I mean, I think — if you want to know what I think.”
KING: “Yes.”
SCHIEFFER: “Off the top of my head, I think Paul Ryan will wind up as the nominee if they get it to the convention.”
KING: “He didn’t shut it down. That was interesting.”
SCHIEFFER: “He said yesterday —“
ROSE: “If they can stop Trump from getting enough delegates before the convention, you’re suggesting Paul Ryan would be the likely choice as the nominee?”
SCHIEFFER: “It’s just a guess. He is the popular one. He shows up well —“
ROSE: “But then would Donald Trump run as an independent?”
SCHIEFFER: “That is the question. I’m not sure he would. But I would bet that what would happen if you had Paul Ryan as the nominee, he would put John Kasich on the ticket as the vice president. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio and one of the most stunning things that came up last night in our exit polling, 30 percent of the Republicans in Ohio would not vote for Donald Trump if he is the nominee and 41 percent said they would consider another party, that is Ohio where they said that.”
O’DONNELL: “Bob, can you imagine a convention where Donald Trump has won close to the majority of the delegates and he is denied the nomination?”
SCHIEFFER: “I think it is going to tear the party apart. I’m not sure we are going to come out of this election — certainly not going to be the same Republican Party, whether or not trumpet the nomination. It could tear this party in two or —“

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