Clay Aiken: ‘I Don’t Really Know that Anybody Knows the Real Donald Trump

‘His kids may know him to some degree’


DOOCY: “Great closing line. As it turns out, he was fired that day. But Clay Aiken says Trump still has his mom’s vote. Unbelievable.”
AIKEN: “Yeah. I mean, I think — at one point, now she’s changed her mind quite a bit. North Carolina is voting today so I’ll find out how she voted attend of the day. But there was a period of time where she was upset with the establishment piling on him. She’s still upset about me not winning.”
DOOCY: “She’s one of the late deciders. Somebody who decides at the last day, at the last minute, the 11th hour who —“
AIKEN: “Not always, but I think she is with this particular — with this particular race.”
DOOCY: “What’s your number one issue?”
AIKEN: “I think she’s an anti-establishment candidate — person in the first place. But interestingly the last time I talked to her, she was deciding between — she’s one of the people who’s deciding between Trump and Bernie.”
DOOCY: “Oh, my goodness.”
AIKEN: “She’ll decide in North Carolina, you can pick up either ballot.”
EARHARDT: “Is it a house divided for you?”
AIKEN: “I’m a Bernie person. I voted for Bernie.”
KILMEADE: “Can I have all your money?” (Laughter)
AIKEN: “Yeah. And my brother is a marine. He’s voting for Bernie Sanders too. He was a marine. My mom is kind of — you know, I ran as — I ran as a Democrat in North Carolina in 2014. Because I’m frustrated with the — you know, the typical politician crap that people put up with all the time. For years and years.”
KILMEADE: “You got a chance to know Donald Trump, you competed with him and tried to impress himself. Will the Donald Trump you knew then be a good president?”
AIKEN: “I don’t know if anybody knows the real Donald Trump. You know, I think his kids may know him. To some degree. But I don’t think anybody sees him. I think the person who I was with on the show was very nice to me, but the person who I have seen on the stump —“
KILMEADE: “You’re not impressed?”
AIKEN: “You know, I have been trying my best to be very nice, because he’s like the uncle who gets drunk at the wedding and embarrasses you, but you still love him even though he says stupid things. I think he loves attention he’s forgotten he’s running for the most important job in the world.”
DOOCY: “You talked about how Bernie. What about Hillary though? You know, she is essentially the establishment candidate. It’s her turn. Why aren’t you supporting her?”
AIKEN: “I wouldn’t support anybody because it’s their turn. Like Hillary Clinton. I expect — I said in a blog yesterday, I expect Hillary will be the nominee and I’ll be supportive of her then too. I think it’s important to keep excitement in the Democratic party and I think people want to be enthusiastic. And I’ll be on her side when —“
KILMEADE: “Eventually.”
AIKEN: “— when and if she gets the nominee.”
DOOCY: “If that’s one quality of Bernie Sanders you could take from him and put in her brain and change her, what would it be?”
AIKEN: “You know, I just am so fed up with money in politics.”
KILMEADE: “Well, she’s taken a lot of it.”
AIKEN: “Plenty of people on both sides —“
EARHARDT: “Isn’t Bernie the equivalent of Donald Trump for the Democrats?”
AIKEN: “Absolutely not.”
AIKEN: “Because he makes sense when he takes.”
KILMEADE: “But nothing adds up. Trillions in debt. You’re OK with that?”
AIKEN: “Trump hasn’t given you a specific —“ [crosstalk]
KILMEADE: “I know he’s capitalist.”
AIKEN: “Here’s the thing. I’d rather have someone in office who I disagree with, than someone have no idea what they’ll do. Trump was a Democrat for year, he was a Republican. Then he was a Republican. Then he was a Democrat, I have no idea.”
EARHARDT: “Bernie will tax you 90%.”
AIKEN: “You have no clue. That should — I don’t know. Look, this clown car that’s going on right now, I don’t want to get in.”
DOOCY: “Do us favor, Clay, e-mail us, let us know if your mom wants to reveal who she did vote for today. We’ll mention it.”
AIKEN: “OK, I’ll do it. All right.”
EARHARDT: “That would be great.” [crosstalk]
KILMEADE: “Good luck.”
EARHARDT: “What an incredible point.”
AIKEN: “I don’t have to worry about losing this one.”

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