‘Morning Joe’: Clinton Not ‘Truthful’ on Bernie Sanders Healthcare Comments

‘Hillary Clinton was wrong about Bernie Sanders and should just probably apologies’


BRZEZINSKI: “Hillary Clinton learned how fast the Sanders’ fact-checking team could be after making this remark while campaigning in Missouri on Saturday.” 
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CLINTON: “We’re going to pull together and stand up against those powerful forces and I always get a little chuckle when I hear my opponent talking about doing it. I don’t know where he was when I was trying to get health care in ‘93 and ‘94, standing up against the insurance company, standing up against the drug companies.”
[clip ends]
SCARBOROUGH: “I mean, Mika, why didn’t Bernie Sanders — and he has to answer this question. Why didn’t he stand up beside Hillary Clinton?”
BRZEZINSKI: “He did. Well, because he was [standing behind her. Right behind her.
UNKNOWN FEMALE: “Maybe because she didn’t] see him.”
BRZEZINSKI: “It took the Sanders’ campaign less than five minutes to tweet a link from video of 1993 of then first lady Hillary Clinton thanking then Congressman Bernie Sanders for his support on health care.”
[clip starts]
CLINTON: “I’m very grateful for the leadership that many people are giving to this great reform effort and I’m grateful to Congressman Sanders joining us today from Vermont.”
[clip ends]
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s pathetic that it goes on. In response Clinton’s communications director — oh, come on. Don’t. You guys were wrong. Come on, we love you, Jen, but Hillary Clinton was wrong about Bernie sanders and should just probably apologize.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Here’s the quote ‘Exactly, he was standing behind her, she was out in front.’” (Laughter)
BRZEZINSKI: “Come on! there’s also this photo of a 1993 note from Clinton that Hillary Clinton wrote to Bernie Sanders in which she thanks him for his commitment to real health care access for all Americans. It was the same year that sanders fought for single payer health care in his state, albeit unsuccessfully. That’s not nice, it’s not truthful, it’s not where you should be right now as a campaign. You’re winning and there’s a whole trustworthy thing. Don’t add to it. Don’t add to it. Simple mistake.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Kind of keeps going. It was — last week they were saying Bernie Sanders voted against the auto bailout when they knew that that really wasn’t —“
BRZEZINSKI: “It was totally misleading.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And here’s the thing, they don’t to do this. They’re on their way to victory.”
GLAUDE JR.: “Well, it actually speaks to the assumption, I think it’s reigning assumption about the Clinton campaign that they will do anything to win and that there’s a question around her character. Is she trustworthy? What are her commitments? What are her principles? Will she say anything to achieve her ends?”
BRZEZINSKI: “Would you lie about Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, who’s record is quite good and apparently seems to be a good and decent man.”
WALLACE: “It’s also a missed opportunity along the lines of trump. You can put it on your own web site and say ‘oops’ and people would move on much more quickly.”
GLAUDE JR.: ‘Or ‘I forgot.’”
WALLACE: “Both these campaigns are exhausted, they’ve got their nose down and can’t see the forest for the trees. They can be puny and gracious, put it on their own web site and say ‘we goofed. It happens.’”

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