Immigrant to Sanders: What Are Three Specific Points of Your Anti-Trump Gameplan?

‘Other than the usual negative rhetoric and attack ads, none of which have worked so far, what are three specific points of your anti-Trump game plan?’

IMMIGRANT: "And, and other than the usual negative rhetoric and attack ads, none of which have worked so far, what are three specific points of your anti-Trump game plan."
CLINTON: "Okay. First off, thank you more the question. You know, a lot of criticisms are thrown at me, and this is natural in politics, but one that I resent is that, well, Bernie, you are a nice guy, and I like your ideas, but you can't win the general election, and so let me deal with that. Take a look at virtually every national poll that has been done. And take a look at the NBC/Wall Street poll of two or three days a, and Bernie Sanders was defeating Donald Trump by 18 points. In fact, by all of -- in virtually all, but not all of those polls, the margin, my margin over trump is wider than secretary Clinton's. If you look at statewide polls, and the polls done in Michigan a week or two ago, I was 19 point S ahead of trump, and in new Hampshire, I think 19 points as well. So first point, I think that if you are looking at the polling, I am the strongest democratic candidate to beat Donald Trump. Second point is Republicans win when the voter turnout is low. I think that any objective assessment of the current campaign, and we have just had a rally here in Columbus a few hours ago, and we had 7,000 people out, and we have had 25,000 or 28,000 people out at the rallies, and any objective assessment of this this campaign will suggest that the excitement and the energy for large voter turnouts is with the Bernie Sanders' campaign. Third point to answer your question. The way that you beat trump is to expose him. And he can be exposed at many, many levels, and not the least of which, this is a guy who is a billionaire, but doesn't believe that we should raise the minimum wage above $7.25 an hour. And this is a guy who goes on the Republican TV debate and says that wages in America are too low. Tell that to the people in Ohio that wages are too low. This is a guy who believes that in defiance of all science that climate change is a hoax. And then of course, on top of all of that is the issue that you raised, the American people are not going to elect a president who is insulting Mexicans, Muslims, women, veterans -- insulting virtually everybody who is not quite like Donald Trump. Thank God, most people are not quite like Donald Trump."

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