Gov. Abbott: After Tuesday the Race Will Be Cruz and Trump

‘There is only two candidates in this race who have a mathematically possibility of winning the nomination and that is Ted Cruz and Donald Trump’

EARHARDT: “Texas Governor Greg Abbott who is supporting Ted Cruz joins us live from Austin. Good morning to you.”
ABBOTT: “Good morning, Ainsley.”
EARHARDT: “What was your reaction to last night’s debate?”
ABBOTT: “Well listen, I thought last night’s debate was terrific for Ted Cruz because we’re finally now getting down to the candidates being able to talk about the issues and separate themselves among the issues. And I’ll go back to the comment that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz made; both of them agree that there’s only two candidates in this race who have a mathematical possibility of winning the nomination and that is Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. We need to get it down to the these two candidates, have them battle it out for the rest of the primary.”
DOOCY: “But the problem governor is the fact that John Kasich has made it very clear he’s not dropping out before Ohio. He’s the governor there and he’s leading by a little bit. And Marco Rubio while it had been rumored, you know, if he doesn’t win Florida he’s going have to drop out on Wednesday morning — he made it clear yesterday he’s not going anywhere either. So the plan to reunite the party behind Ted Cruz as the anti-Trump guy that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”
ABBOTT: “Well in — first, what Ted Cruz is not asking for is trying to unite if you would the establishment behind him. But here’s one thing that’s going to be clear after Tuesday. And that is, even assuming that Kasich wins Ohio, which I think and frankly hope that he does, one thing that will be clear is that mathematically it is impossible for either Kasich or Rubio to win. It will be mathematically possible for Cruz to be able to win. And I think that after Tuesday the race will be narrowed down to the two candidate, Cruz and Trump. And here’s the deal of what was made very clear in last night’s debate, and that is, Ted Cruz is the only candidate who robustly stands for conservative Republican principles.”
DOOCY: “Right.” 
ABBOTT: “I think the more that people get to see the separation of difference between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, the Republicans will go to Ted Cruz knowing that we need a solid conservative leading this country.”

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