Clinton Surrogate Granholm Admits that Upcoming States Look Like Michigan

‘Looks like Buffalo, looks like Upstate New York’

GRANHOLM: “...which is jobs, it was her first statement, she came out of Michigan knowing that people care about trade and jobs. And I think you are going to hear a lot more from her about that specific plans.”
CUOMO: “She came out of Michigan, your state —“
CUOMO: “What you know, the frightening thing isn’t that she just Michigan — if you are a Hillary Clinton supporter that Michigan looks like Ohio.”
GRANHOLM: “Of course it is.”
CUOMO: “Looks like Illinois —“
CUOMO: “— and looks like the swing of states that you are going into right now.”
GRANHOLM: “Looks like Buffalo, look like Upstate New York.”
CUOMO: “And she lost it.”
GRANHOLM: “And she — but she — she lost Michigan.”
CUOMO: “Yeah.”
GRANHOLM: “What I am saying is that she understands what it is like —“

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