Clinton Surrogate Granholm Thinks Hillary Clinton Is Trustworthy

‘Who do people trust to be the most effective commander-in-chief? Hands down it’s Hillary Clinton.’

CUOMO: “…that you risk with that statement is that you are acknowledging what is, in fact, a problem. The inability of the campaign — arguably, the candidate — to connect with a national mood that is carrying a Trump, that is carrying a Sanders.”
GRANHOLM: “See, I think that’s different than what she was saying and that I would say. She is saying that she is good at getting things done. And what do people — the issue about trust, right? Who do people trust to be the most effective commander-in-chief? Hands down, it’s Hillary Clinton. Who do people trust to be able to get her agenda through? To be able to be bipartisan and work with the Congress, which we all acknowledge will be still controlled, at least in the House, by Republicans? The challenge for Bernie Sanders, I think, on the flip side of that, is these big ideas not being able to get through. He was just — there was — the Lugar Center at Georgetown just did an analysis of the most partisan members of Congress. And the two most partisan in the past 10 years were Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, and that’s a problem.”
CUOMO: “His supporters say that his conviction, that’s his —“

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