Trump: We’d Be Better off If Saddam Hussein Was Still Around

‘And besides that, Iraq did not knock down the world trade center’

COOPER: “On foreign policy. Is there — and maybe you’ve been running a campaign. Have you started thinking about a -- sort of a Trump doctrine when for using foreign power overseas. What criteria do you look that?”
TRUMP: “First of all, there can be no doctrine because everything is different. Every situation is different. And I didn’t want to go into Iraq and I’ll say it 100 times. I didn’t want to go , you know, there is way you were on Howard Stern’s show years. You know, before it ever happened. And if he asked me that question and he’s a friend of mine. He’s a good guy actually, much different than you see on radio. Believe me.”
COOPER: “It’s a great interview.”
TRUMP: “He is a great guy. But Howard asked me and I said, “Well, I don’t know.” That’s was the first time it was ever asked. But don’t forget I’m an entrepreneur. They don’t ask me about me simply going into Iraq at that time? And this was long before we went in. And you could see that I was very hesitant. That’s was like I wish I go in. Look –“
COOPER: “What criteria would you use for sending troops somewhere?”
TRUMP: “Let me just tell you. Going into Iraq, my opinion, was one of the worst mistakes in the history of this country. It was one of the worst decisions ever made in the history of this country. It started everything that’s happening today in the Middle East is because of that one decision to go into Iraq, OK? It was a horrible decision, including the migration. Everything that, you know, it’s a mess. Now if Saddam Hussein was there, would we be better off? Absolutely. You know, hey, this was not a nice man. This wasn’t great guy, but Saddam Hussein did one thing. He killed terrorists. He was a professional killer of terrorists. Now you want to be a terrorist? You go to Iraq. That’s called the Harvard of terrorism. Look, whether it’s Gaddafi, so terrible decision, Hillary Clinton. Whether it’s Saddam Hussein, we were a lot better off before.
COOPER: “Do you think your –“
TRUMP: “And besides that. Iraq did not knock down the world trade center. Just in case you had any questions.”

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