ABC’s Jon Karl: If Trump Wins Florida and Ohio, GOP Race Is ‘Virtually Over’

‘Marco Rubio right now has not picked up a single delegate; he comes up completely empty-handed’


ROBERTS: “Jon Karl with more on last night’s results and the crucial votes ahead next Tuesday. Jon, let’s start with the Republicans factoring in yesterday’s results where does the race stand right now?”
KARL: “Donald Trump picked up more delegates and he is now one-third of the way to the 1,237 he needs to win. Perhaps the biggest story outside of Donald Trump’s big wins is that Marco Rubio right now has not picked up a single delegate. He may get a couple when they finish counting in Hawaii but comes up completely empty-handed. So this is where it looks coming ahead. Tuesday, the big day, call it Super duper Tuesday, if you will. Florida, 99 delegates, the winner of Florida takes all 99 delegates, winner take all, Ohio, same story. Winner take all. All 66 delegates. If Donald trump can win Ohio and Florida, this race on the republican side is virtually over.”

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