Scarborough on Trump: ‘So Long to Morning in America, Say Hello to Tuesday Nights at QVC’

‘Bible-toting Sen. Ted Cruz should have won Mississippi. Ohio Gov. John Kasich should have won nearby Michigan. Sen. Marco Rubio should have finished as a runner-up somewhere, anywhere’

BRZEZINSKI: “Joe apparently was up writing at 1:00 A.M. In the morning because his piece number one on the “Washington Post” web site. You write “Trump crushes Ronald Reagan’s Republican party. After absorbing a brutal wave of attacks from the GOP establish. Including a nasty broadside from Mitt Romney, a thrice-married Manhattan billionaire who once loyally supported Hillary Clinton and who continues to lavish praise on planned Parenthood swept to victory Tuesday night. Donald Trump easily won the night on a strength of a working-classico ligs that included evangelicals in Mississippi and Reagan Democrats across Michigan. These the same working-class voters who feel abandoned by their president, by their government, and by the Republican party. Bible-toting senator Ted Cruz should have won Mississippi. Ohio governor John Kasich should have won nearby Michigan or come close. Senator Marco Rubio should have finished as a runner-up somewhere, anywhere. Instead, Rubio and the rest of the GOP field were left watching in horror as trump crushes all comers at the polls and then used his victory speech to hawk steaks, wine, and the most fabulous magazines you will ever read. So long to morning in America, say hello to Tuesday nights at QVC.”
>> Nice, Joe.
SCARBOROUGH: “Thank you. Michael steel, we are actually seeing — the reason I wrote the column is it struck me last night we really are seeing the end of the Reagan coalition that began the night. Reagan won in 1980 where a candidate says ‘Less spending, less taxes and more freedom.’”
And more defense.
SCARBOROUGH: “And more defense. And that’s been the message. You have a guy now who’s talking about tariffs, who’s talking about higher taxes for rich people, who’s talking about trade wars, who’s talking about letting the Russians take care of Syria, who’s talking about backing off of global commitments, America not being the world’s 911. And, more importantly, Ronald Reagan could get enough of the populist voters in. But he teamed that up with the Republican establishment, with the GOP donor class and with evangelicals, brought them all together and won elections. That’s not there with Donald Trump.”

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